One thought on “Harmon Rocket II

  1. Tim Carey

    Harmon Rocket N85TP is an Experimental “home built” sport plane completed in Indiana in 1996. It was purchased and moved to Manassas Regional Airport, VA, in 2010, and has participated in the annual Smithsonian / Udvar-Hazy Become a Pilot Day every year since then.

    85TP weighs just over 1200 pounds and can carry two 200-pound persons plus 125 pounds of baggage with full fuel. Its fuel-injected 540-cubic inch Lycoming engine of approximately 280 HP allows a top speed of 240 Knots / 275 MPH, range over 800 statute miles, and climb rate in excess of 4,000 feet per minute. It is fully aerobatic and stressed for 6 positive and 3 negative g’s.

    85TP has full Instrument Flight Rules / IFR weather-flying capability, including precision GPS navigation and instrument landing systems, fully-automatic autopilot, synthetic vision moving map display, near-real-time cockpit weather information, and airborne aircraft track depictions.

    85TP participates in regional airshows, has traveled to EAA airshows in Florida and Wisconsin for many years, and has made a 5,000-mile cross-country trip to California and the Reno Air Races. It recently returned from a 45-plane formation flying clinic in North Carolina.


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