Republic Seabee

Republic Seabee

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One thought on “Republic Seabee

  1. Roy Bowman

    My father, Richard Bowman was chief of engineering at Republic when this plane was developed and produced. the story I heard was that it was thought that after WW II, with all the returning military pilots, there would be a big demand for recreational air craft and the Sea Bee was designed to meet that expected demand. Seating four and capable of land or water operations, it would be ideal. the plane performed well. I remember flying in it at a family day at the Republic plant. I was about ten and I wasn’t all that relaxed about going up in the air. Since then I have logged a lot of passenger miles. Unfortunately the market never developed and the project was a commercial failure. the story is that all the jigs and dies were destroyed by a bulldozer when production was abandoned.


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