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    The Beechcraft Baron is a high performance, twin engine, cross country aircraft used for business and personal flights. This airplane gives you 200 MPH speeds for six passengers in all weather conditions. It has both on-board active weather radar and satellite based downloadable weather to aid in avoiding thunderstorms and other bad weather. It comes with air conditioning for hot summer flights and heat for the winter. Imagine flying from Dulles International Airport to Orlando, Florida in four hours while sitting on comfortable leather seats on a schedule of your choosing and not subject to intrusive security screening.

    This particular aircraft is owned by a local Architectural firm which, among other building types, designs airport buildings. The Baron allows the company staff the opportunity to conduct day trips to business meetings without spending hours in the commercial terminal waiting for the flight to leave and without having to make connecting flights. You depart on your schedule and arrive more refreshed. It is the only way to travel.

    For the pilot this specific aircraft has advanced avionics based upon GPS navigation, full autopilot, and other safety enhancements found on larger corporate or commercial aircraft. For those flights into and out of busy airports, this aircraft has on-board traffic avoidance equipment that alerts the pilot of other aircraft in the immediate area. This feature further enhances the safety and utility of an fabulous flying machine. Also for the pilot this aircraft is solid, stable and responsive to fly. It flies like a fine tuned sports car and leaves an impression on the ramp that is envied by other pilots wherever it goes.


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