One thought on “Pitts Special

  1. Gregory Clauser

    My Pitts Special Biplane is a modified version of the Curtis Pitts’ design S1-s.
    it was built in the early 80′s. When I purchased it in 1999 it needed, in my opinion, to be updated and overhauled. Especially if I was going to use it for aerobatic competition. Which is its main design goal.

    During this long process I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given six months to live. I did not think I would ever fly again and cancelled all my aviation goals and dreams. After an experimental cancer treatment plan was derived by the doctors at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia including massive amounts of chemo and radiation, I was cured of my late stage cancer.

    It took days and years of difficult recovery with ongoing side effects of treatment to get to the freedom I enjoy today. My Pitts Special current design reflects my personal design ideas. My only goal now is to attempt to use it to join the fight to cure cancer. GC


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