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  1. Andrew Edgerton

    The Fairfax County Police Helicopter Division was initially formed in 1979 with the donation of an Enstrom F-28
    helicopter by a local businessman. In 1983, the Helicopter Division was reformed with two Bell 206 Jet Rangers as a
    part-time operation based out of Dulles Airport to provide aero medical transportation, traffic reporting and airborne
    law enforcement capabilities to the growing metropolitan area. As operations increased, round the clock staffing
    ramped up with crew consisting of a Pilot, Police Officer/Paramedic and a Flight Nurse from INOVA Fairfax
    Hospital. In 1991, INOVA Fairfax separated from the Helicopter Division at which time the INOVA Flight Nurse
    was replaced with a second Police Officer/Paramedic. This is the current crew configuration with which the Helicopter
    Division still flies with today. In 1997, the Helicopter Division grew in to a more capable and robust helicopter,
    the Bell 407. In 2011, the Helicopter Division purchased its first Bell 429. The purchase of the Bell 429 makes the
    Fairfax County Police Helicopter Division the first multimission operator in the world to utilize this new airframe.
    Modern design characteristics of the Bell 429 allow adaptation to future mission needs, reduced/simplified maintenance
    as well as improved longevity/service lifetime. Some of the highlights of the Bell 429 are twin engine redundancy,
    military-grade sensors, night vision goggle technology and a lower noise signature which allow for safe and
    neighborly helicopter operations.


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