One thought on “MU-2B-60

  1. David Klain

    The MU-2 is the first airplane in the world designed from the start to use a turboprop engine. 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the first flight of this incredible performer long known for extracting every bit of speed out of the available horsepower due to the unique nature of the wing which features double-slotted fowler flaps that nearly double the wing size when extended and permit slow approach speeds for takeoff and landing while also permitting high speed cruise with the wing “cleaned up.”

    N130MS is a Marquise – the last long body variant of the MU-2 produced. It is powered by two Garrett TPE-331-10 engines delivering 775 shp each (715 from the propeller and another 60 from the engine exhaust) giving the plane a total of 1550 shp and a cruising speed approaching 300 knots (345 miles per hour). This particular plane is privately owned and (under previous ownership) was based in Europe where it crossed the Atlantic numerous times. To support the trans-Atlantic flights, it is equipped for HF radio communications as evidenced by the HF antenna wire stretching between the fuselage and the top of the vertical stabilizer.

    It is presently used primarily to support Wounded Warrior transport with the Veteran’s Airlift Command and rescue animal transport with Pilots ‘n Paws. You can see a video of the aircraft in flight and the missions it flies at


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