One thought on “Howard DGA-15P


    NC22440 is a civilian 1941 Howard DGA-15P. It is one of the last aircraft delivered before the start of World War II. The original purchaser was the Shell Oil Company who used the aircraft to move executives and oil production staff primarily between Chicago to Texas and Oaklahoma.
    The aircraft represented the state of the art in personal transportation in 1941. The engine is a Pratt & Whitney R-985. The engine is equipped with an internal supercharger which allows the aircraft to cruise at high altitudes and reach cruise speeds of 200+ miles per hour.
    The fuel tanks are all in the belly of the aircraft and hold enough fuel to fly 1000 miles. The original advertising for the plane stated, “1000 miles in 5 hours”.
    In 1941 Howard aircraft filled the same role that private jets do today.


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